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Future and Hope

“Future and Hope” is a social project of the Star of Hope Foundation aiming at an active and long-term support of adults who are in a socially disadvantaged situation and lead a relatively independent lifestyle in a socially, ethnically and intellectually disadvantaged situation. The project focuses on the successful social adaptation of young people at […]

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Art therapy

The primary goal of art therapy is to maintain good emotional and mental health. Art activities are a very suitable way for self-expression, relaxation and sharing one’s feelings. The effect is positive in all sessions, especially when behavioral and psychological problems are involved. Users of the Foundation’s Sheltered Housing participate in art activities and already

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House of Hope

House of Hope is a place of safety, acceptance and love! Young people who have left social structures and centers after turning 18 are accommodated here. When they come to the House of Hope, they begin a new stage of their lives. When they come to the House of Hope, they begin a new stage

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Happy Smiles

“Happy Smiles” is a project that brings smiles to socially disadvantaged children, deprived of parental care, in extreme poverty or with disabilities! Camps, educational projects, parties and fun walks are just some of the happy moments we share with our little friends! They may have grown up in places called Homes for Children Deprived of

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