Star of Hope Foundation

Future and Hope

“Future and Hope” is a social project of the Star of Hope Foundation aiming at an active and long-term support of adults who are in a socially disadvantaged situation and lead a relatively independent lifestyle in a socially, ethnically and intellectually disadvantaged situation.

The project focuses on the successful social adaptation of young people at social risk, who have left social institutions, are deprived of parental care, as well as those coming from marginal groups, who are helped, by building work habits, social skills and developing good life models in an environment as close to the family as possible, to socialize to the point of full-fledged and independent family, social and professional life, according to the requirements of society and the individual capabilities of the specific persons.

Part of the integration entails completing their education, finding a sustainable employment, building good interpersonal relationships and sustainable friendships, as well as supporting the families created by these young people.

A particularly important feature is the support provided to families at risk in the birth and upbringing of their children with the aim of reducing the risk of their children being abandoned.

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