Star of Hope Foundation

“Future and Hope” Sheltered Housing

In 2006, the “Future and Hope” project was launched intended for young people leaving social institutions. In the heart of Sofia, a Sheltered Housing for girls was opened, and 4 years later, for boys as well. It is a safe place and a center for social support and integration.

Active and long-term support of adults leading a relatively independent lifestyle in a socially and intellectually disadvantaged position.
The project focuses on dignified and good positioning of the users, integrated in the society, according to the requirements of the society and the individual capabilities of the accommodated persons.

The successful social adaptation of young people at social risk, who have left social institutions, deprived of parental care, as well as those originating from marginal groups, who, through building work habits, social skills and developing good models for life in an environment as close as possible to the family, manage to are socialized to the extent of a full and independent family, social and professional life.

Over the years, these young people go through various difficult periods of adaptation and growth. The period of transition and accommodation is between 2 and 3 years, during which, in an environment close to family, foundations are laid for good and sustainable patterns of work, social and personal life habits.

The “Sheltered Housing” social service is licensed by ASA, with license No. 00803-0003/ 29.10.2018, and is provided to adults in need of social support.

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